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Complete list of the finishings

It’s available on the website the complete list of the finishings made in SILGA. Within its divisions of Traditional Galvanic, Anodic Oxidation and Galvanizing, with its numerous plants, static and in barrel, SILGA produces a large amount of surface finishings, providing its customers a catalogue with over 400 different options. These are treatments of Silver, Gold, Nickel, Gun Metal, Brass, Copper and Chrome plating, finishings with Precious Metals, Special finishings, Tin plating and Nickel-Free finishings (without nickel). Transparent coating applied in mass, Electrostatic and Cataphoretic coatings, transparent and coloured. Anodic Oxidation, Hard Anodizing, Electrobrightening, Acid satinizing, Chromating and Passiv-Al, Organic Colourings and Electrocolourings. Traditional Galvanizing, white, yellow and black, Zinc-Iron and Zinc-Nickel, transparent and black, Dehydrogenation, Sealants, Oiling and many other pre and post-treatments.

The finishings are achievable on several metals: steel, zamak, copper, brass and stainless steel. The oxidation can be achieved on pure aluminium and its alloys, such as Peraluman, Avional, Anticorodal, Ergal, 11S and also on aluminium die-cast. The finishings can be made for technical and decorative purposes, the fields of application are numerous and for several sectors, such as accessories for leather goods, shoes and clothes, furniture, windows and door frames, religious items, automotive, hydraulics, bolts and fasteners, mechanics and so on.

On the website you can see the full list of our finishings, divided for each type of treatment. You can also check for each one the compliance or not with the different Directives or Regulations expressed on the use of toxic and dangerous substances. Soon, it will be possible to watch an image for each finishing, giving the opportunity to watch their aesthetic effect.

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