SILGA S.p.A., Società Italiana Lavorazioni Galvaniche, dealing in galvanic processing, commenced its activities in 1969 in the sector from which it took its name. Soon also added the production of printed circuit boards.

It developed fast over the years investing in increasingly automated production lines and in new production unit, guaranteeing high quality of its products, high production capacity and vast range of treatments which allowed it to take an international cannotation. It extends over a surface area of 60.000 sqm of which 28.000 covered, with 9 different production units, a building for the offices and about 285 employees.

SILGA S.p.A. is in continuous development in Galvanic Treatments and Printed Circuit Boards fields and always paid particular attention to both the environment and safety in the workplace. The Company Management intends to continue its course of action taken historically ensuring the balance between corporate purposes and safeguarding the environment.