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    Look at the pictures of our galvanic finishings

    Visit the SILGA’s Galvanic Division. You will find an image for each of our finishings. These are photos taken at the small sample plates contained in our catalogue, plates in brass as raw material on which we have reproduced all of our surface treatments. All finishings are classified by type of treatment, Copper, Brass, Nickel […]

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    SILGA at Hannover Messe 2013

    HANNOVER MESSE 2013 has confirmed its key role in the industrial world. This year counted 6,550 exhibitors from 62 several countries and attracted a total of about 225,000 visitors, further consolidating its position as the 1st Exhibition in the world for industrial technology and as an internaional meeting place for economic policy. The exhibitors covered […]

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    Complete list of the finishings

    It’s available on the website the complete list of the finishings made in SILGA. Within its divisions of Traditional Galvanic, Anodic Oxidation and Galvanizing, with its numerous plants, static and in barrel, SILGA produces a large amount of surface finishings, providing its customers a catalogue with over 400 different options. These are treatments of Silver, […]

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    Hannover Messe 2013 – Hannover, April 8 – 12

    From 8 to 12 April. SILGA will participate as an exhibitor, together with a representative of Italian companies, at Hannover Messe 2013. We look forward to welcome you at Hall 3 Stand F57 and introduce our company and our galvanic working, technical and decorative, our aluminium anodic oxidations and our zinc and zinc-alloys treatments. The […]

  5. News Verniciatura Speciale

    Protective against the oxidation: Transparent coating with Special Varnish in mass

    Articles intended for sectors with high demands in terms of aesthetics features are often subjected to strong oxidizing and corrosive actions. For example accessories for clothing, leather goods and shoes are often deteriorated quickly by aggressiveness of substances still partially contained in leathers and fabrics with which they come in contact, or objects, such as […]


    Corrosion resistance of zinc and zinc-alloys coatings

    Metal objects in the course of their lifetime are exposed to environments more or less aggressive depending on their use, undergoing corrosion processes, diffused or localized. There are reactions of oxidation and reduction (redox) between the metal material and the corrosive environment surrounding (electrode and electrolyte) that leads to the dissolution of the metal or […]

  7. Zi-Ni Transp News

    High performance Alkaline Zinc-Nikel

    Thanks to the development of an innovative process we perform the plating treatment of ALKALINE ZINC-NIKEL in barrel on hard steels, alloy steels, heat and superficially treated. The innovation of this particular process is the ability to make high performance, uniform and adherent coats on substrates where the normal processes of electroplating of zinc-nikel have […]

  8. impianto Zinco-nichel

    High efficiency Zinc-nikel plant

    It was recently introduced in factory an additional line for the realization of innovative surface treatments of zinc-nikel with technical, technological and plant solution aimed at the total customer satisfaction in terms of quality and production. This new highly automated line is part of the program that has, as its objective, the development in the […]

  9. Nichel - Free

    High performance nikel free, on rack finishings

    With the introduction of innovative process Nikel Free on rack, SILGA has recently been improved even more the reliability of surface finishings available, offering to the customer a new generation product able to obtain bright and white deposits. The deposit not contain toxic heavy metals and comply with the regulation Öko-Tex 100, Class 1. The […]

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