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  1. Illuminotronica logo prova 1

    Illuminotronica 2012 – Padova 11-13 October

    SILGA S.p.A. will be at fair “Illuminotronica 2012” in October from 11th to 12th. We are nice to invite you at our stand for knowing and analyzing our solutions for Lighting sector. Let’s download and print our invitation (click here) Illuminotronica is the event dedicated to LED technology and its application in the lighting sector. […]

  2. news laser trimming

    Laser Trimming

    The company has recently introduced a line for the the calibration of the ohmic value of printed resistors with a laser (Laser Trimming). This technology, which is part of the program that has as its goal the development in the field of Polymer Thick Film, allows SILGA to offer to the customers a range of […]

  3. news Ag chimico

    Immersion Silver

    With the introduction of the Immersion Silver process, SILGA has recently expanded the range of surface finishings available, offering to the customer one more alternative to obtain optimal soldering results even on complicated products. This finishing, based on the deposition of an extremely smooth and planar silver layer with a thickness of 0.15 to 0.5 […]

  4. powertronic

    Power Fortronic 2012 – Bologna Sectember 20 th

    SILGA S.p.A. will be at Power Fortronic 2012, in September the 20th, the day when the Electronic Community meets to make the real issue of the situation, one year since last edition, again in Bologna, the event recognized as the Italian point of reference regarding the power electronics. The power electronics are subject to continuous […]

  5. impianto Zinco-nichel

    High efficiency Zinc-nikel plant

    It was recently introduced in factory an additional line for the realization of innovative surface treatments of zinc-nikel with technical, technological and plant solution aimed at the total customer satisfaction in terms of quality and production. This new highly automated line is part of the program that has, as its objective, the development in the […]

  6. Nichel - Free

    High performance nikel free, on rack finishings

    With the introduction of innovative process Nikel Free on rack, SILGA has recently been improved even more the reliability of surface finishings available, offering to the customer a new generation product able to obtain bright and white deposits. The deposit not contain toxic heavy metals and comply with the regulation Öko-Tex 100, Class 1. The […]

  7. news resistori ser

    Screen printed resistors

    As part of Polymer Thick Film Technology, SILGA’s R&D department is focusing more and more on methods and products that allow to obtain components (in a first moment resistors) directly on the printed circuit board. In this way, using particular products based on resistive carbon, it is possible to obtain a good result in terms […]

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