Conformity to Directives

Silga S.p.A. disposes of a research and development department and a technical staff in synergy with its own suppliers. It guarantees the study and research of new products and environmental finishings, without metals and organical forbidden substances or with restrictions as: nickel, cobalt, chrome VI, lead, azo dyes, mercury, cadmium. Within the catalogue you can find numerous environmental decorative and technical finishings, used in most various kind of commercial sectors (Consult the List of the finishings and treatments performed in SILGA S.p.A.).

In this regard SILGA S.p.A. has adjusted its operations in accordance and compliance with Directives: 2000/53/CE; 2002/45/CE; 2002/62/CE; 2002/95/CE (Rohs); 2004/96/CE; 94/27/CE; 2002/61/CE; 2001/95/CE; 2003/11/CE; 2004/21/CE; 2003/36/CE; 2003/53/CE; 2006/122/CE; Regolamento 1907/2006 (REACH).