SILGA S.p.A., with its quality certifications, its R&D department and its internal chemical laboratories with specific instrumens, guarantees the maximum of quality and reliability; it is supported by a new generation plant equipment with high productivity. For this it’s having leading companies’ confidence for a long time.

Some of its major references are:

Alban Giacomo S.p.A., Cisa S.p.A., Coats Cucirini, F.A.R.M.A. Group, F.&G. S.r.l., iGuzzini illuminazione S.p.A., Italmetal S.r.l., Krona-Koblenz S.p.A., Lavaal International S.p.A., Metalform 2000 S.r.l., Ramco Europe S.r.l., So.Ge.Mi. S.p.A., Sollini S.r.l., Somipress S.p.A., Vimi Fasteners S.p.A., Viro S.p.A., YKK Fastening Products Group, Zadi S.p.A., Zannini S.p.A.