SILGA’s Anodizing division performs anodizing treatments on various types of aluminum, normal, neutral and hard oxidation, chromate and passivation treatments, treatments of electrolytic brightening and acid satining, chemical and electrolytic coloration, for an amount of over 80 finishings.

The division hasĀ 10 work units and uses a multi-program automatic, managed with innovative software for frame processing, which allows the standardization and repetability of processes. The inbound material is encoded, for part number, quantity and code processing, ensuring traceability throughout the industrial flow, from arrival to final delivery to the customer.

The strength of the department are quality of processing and its high flexibility which allows it to adapt its treatments, decorative and technical, to any type of hardware and die casting used in various sectors such as automotive, machinery, fixtures, screws, clothing, shoes and leather goods.

Attached above the complete list of the finishigs performed and the relative compliances with the Directives.

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