Hard anodizing

The hard anodic oxidation is a process of electrolytic conversion of aluminium metal covered by an oxide layer which grows as an integral part of the metal itself, obtained by acid solutions with specific additives and specific operating conditions, used for technical purposes in different applications.


  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • high resistance to wear;
  • surface porosity of 10% – 20%;
  • surface hardness 500-900 Brinel (400-1000 HV);
  • electrical insulation;
  • uniformity of tickness with values from 25 to 125 micron, according to requests, which grows for 70% inside and 30% outside the surface;
  • possible several surface aspects such as bright, satin and natural (chemical);
  • green/gray or black colour surface appearance, according to request.

Attached below the complete list of the finishigs performed and the relative compliances with the Directives.

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