The Passiv-Al is a chemical process based on trivalent chromium (Cr +3), which allows to obtain, on the surface of an object made of aluminum or its alloys, a very thin layer of passivation (about 0,5 microns), hexavalent chromium free. He has technical features comparable to hexavalent chromium process in terms of resistance to corrosion, electrical contact resistance, primer for paints and lacquers, coating weight, exposure to the marine environment, filiform corrosion.


  • Patented process, developed by U.S. Navy;
  • NOT DANGEROUS product complies to the actual regulations concerning dangerous substances;
  • Applied on aluminum and its alloy to protect it from corrosion and as a primer for subsequent application of paints, lacquers, etc.;
  • The process reaches and exceeds MIL-DLT-81706 and MIL C 5541 for corrosion, it means 336 hours in NSS for ASTM B-117, respectively, ISO 9227 and DIN 50021 SS;
  • The results of corrosion are respected for aluminum and other alloys which 2024/T3, 2219/T87, 5083, 7075/T6, 6061/T6, etc.;
  • The average weight of the coating is 20-25 mg / square food, equal to 0.025 to 0.030 mg/cm2;
  • Low electrical resistance;
  • Excellent resistance to heat, with values exceeding 100 ° C there is a minimum loss of corrosion resistance;
  • Neutral color with slight iridescences;
  • Possibility to store the material treated with Passiv-Al before applying subsequent treatments.

Fields of application are: aerospace, aviation, electronics and electrical components, automotive, shipbuilding industry, antennas, motorcycles, cycles.

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