SILGA’s Traditional Galvanic division performs, through processes of electroplating of metals, treatment of silver plating, brass plating, copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating, tin plating, gun metal, treatment of gold plating and other precious metals, special finishes and finishing without nickel (nickel free).

The division hasĀ 100 work units using manual, semi automatic and automatic multi-program plants putted forward by innovative software systems, plants for static and barrel processing. The inbound material is encoded for part number, quatity and processing code, ensuring traceability throughout the industrial flow, from arrival to final delivery to the customer.

Strengths of the departments of this division are the high quality of products, the wide range of finishes realized, over 350 among technical and decorative, the ability to treat various types of metal substrates, the technical competence and experience of staff, the repeatability of treatment, the wide range of frames and the high production capacity.

Attached above the complete list of the finishigs performed and the relative compliances with the Directives.

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