To respond effectively to technological expectations of their customers and meet the different needs of the market, SILGA is able to offer a wide and complete range of products, which extends from printed circuit boards with standard features to those of high complexity.

By using the various conventional and special materials available in the market and through established or, in some cases, properly developed technologies, the company is able to produce from rigid printed circuit boards, single or double sided PTH, to multilayers and flexible PCB’s.

The range is completed by products dedicated to meet specific technological requirements or conditions, such as printed circuit boards with thick copper, with metal substrate (IMS), with plug-in and those in Polymer Thick Film technology, including the realization of components directly integrated on the printed circuit board with the possibility of laser trimming also.

Equally comprehensive is the range of surface finishings that SILGA is able to offer, according to the specific needs of the customer.

All printed circuit boards are manufactured using controlled processes which ensure compliance with the most demanding quality standards, ensuring the maximum reliability and the best performance of the product.

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