Silga-Therm is a laminate belonging to the IMS category, produced internally by SILGA. Like the other laminates of this family, it is composed by:

  • a metal substrate made of aluminium;
  • a dielectric layer;
  • the copper foil.

For the metal substrate an alloy 1050 or 5754 are normally used and the available thickness ranges from 0.3 to 3 mm.

The dielectric consists of a layer of FR4 pre-preg with a thickness of 100 µm.

The copper foil may be provided on request in thickness from 35 to 350 µm.

Given that the dielectric is an epoxy type reinforced with glass fabric, the value of thermal coefficient of dissipation is 0.5 W/mK, while the thickness of 100 µm guarantees a Dielectric Strength of minimum 2.5 kV.

These properties mean that Silga-Therm can represent a valid choice in most applications in lighting and power supply fields.

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