Single side pcb’s

Also known as “print & etch“, they represent the easiest type of printed circuit board and they’re still used in those diverse fields of electronics where there isn’t any need of very high circuit density and particular performances.

The basic materials most used today in SILGA are those with the highest performance, essentially CEM-1 and FR-4, but it is also possible to use FR-1, FR-2, etc…

The insulating coating is carried out through the application of screenprintable UV soldermask or photoimageable soldermask and, depending on the material, many different types of surface finishings are possible, such as copper passivation (OSP), immersion tin, immersion Silver, ENIG, etc…

It is also possible, thanks to the PTF (Polymer Thick Film) technology, to carry out more layers on the same face by making prints of conductive inks which connect some points of the circuit copper layer overlapping it through an appropriate electrical insulation. The technique of silver jumpers is a typical example.

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