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Protective against the oxidation: Transparent coating with Special Varnish in mass

Articles intended for sectors with high demands in terms of aesthetics features are often subjected to strong oxidizing and corrosive actions. For example accessories for clothing, leather goods and shoes are often deteriorated quickly by aggressiveness of substances still partially contained in leathers and fabrics with which they come in contact, or objects, such as knobs and handles, handled repeatedly and subjected to frequent touches and use.

For these items there is an higher risk that the process of oxidation and corrosion brings in earlier than on items intended for different conditions of use. The reason that why after performing a proper galvanic coating is recommended to protect it further and safely. Among the various options used there are different solutions, each one with different degrees of protection, minor or major.

For example you can create a galvanic coating with noble metals, such as gold and palladium, increase the thickness of the deposit, perform an additional treatment of passivation or transparent varnish. Among the transparent varnish we offer a special coating mass on pieces of small and medium-sized pre-treated with galvanic coating, which provides high performances in terms of resistance to corrosion and aesthetics effects, making the surface smooth, uniform and shiny.

This innovative process is able to apply a resin layer with a thickness of several microns. This includes the possibility of going to reduce the thickness of the metal used for the galvanic coating protecting it with the resin and obtaining the same or higher performances in terms of resistance to oxidation. The advantage resulting from this is obviously a cost reduction, which is even more significant in the case of treatments with precious metals, such as gold, palladium, ruthenium, etc…, maintaining the quality and characteristics of the object.

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