Corrosion resistance of zinc and zinc-alloys coatings

Metal objects in the course of their lifetime are exposed to environments more or less aggressive depending on their use, undergoing corrosion processes, diffused or localized. There are reactions of oxidation and reduction (redox) between the metal material and the corrosive environment surrounding (electrode and electrolyte) that leads to the dissolution of the metal or the formation of an oxide film. Is essential that there is a corrosion resistance suitable to withstand the using conditions to which the objects are exposed.

To this end are made with stainless steel or metals coated with deposits of passivated zinc and zinc alloys. These coatings of zinc, zinc-iron and zinc-nickel confer to the metal surface bigger capacity of corrosion resistance, related to the thickness, the type of zinc coating,  the type of passivation and the possible application of additional products such as sealants, lubricants, paints and so on. This ability of a coating to preserve its characteristics over time is expressed in hours of endurance in neutral salt spray.

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