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High performance Alkaline Zinc-Nikel

Thanks to the development of an innovative process we perform the plating treatment of ALKALINE ZINC-NIKEL in barrel on hard steels, alloy steels, heat and superficially treated. The innovation of this particular process is the ability to make high performance, uniform and adherent coats on substrates where the normal processes of electroplating of zinc-nikel have difficulties, such as lack of homogeneity of the alloy plated, absence, poor adherence and non-uniformity of coat in the hollow or internal areas of the objects.

This materials are:

  • hard steels with a high percentage of carbon
  • tempered steels
  • surface treated steels (carburizing, nitriding)
  • thermally treated steels (annealing, tempering)
  • sweet, steels alloyed to lead, manganese and sulphur (AVP, AVM, AVZ)

The deposits obtained are characterized by:

  • uniform appearance
  • compliance with the Directives (RoHS, ELV 2003/36/EC)
  • excellent corrosion resistance (up to and beyond 720-1000 h to the arise of red rust)
  • resistance to high temperatures
  • high mechanical resistance
  • applicability on screws, bolts, fasteners and other types of objects with complex shapes, hollow, internal and threaded areas
  • transparent or black colouring, with passivations based on trivalent chromium (non-toxic)
  • possibility to apply sealing and/or lubricants for increasing the features of coats (technical and aesthetic)
  • also performed on zamak, iron, copper and its alloys

The process is approved by leading car manufacturers and fully meets the needs and demands of the Automotive, Bolts and Fasteners, Doors and Windows, Hydraulics and Mechanics sectors.

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